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Rosa Veldkamp
Remember those books or stories you loved so much as a child? The ones you could lose yourself in and become whoever you wanted to be?
For me, it was the collection of Brother’s Grimm novels that extended along the entire top shelf in our small town library.
Nothing could keep me from reading the next book on the shelf, not even a pesky detail like bedtime. I’d read until the wee hours of the morning with a blanket stuffed under the door to keep the light from spilling out and giving me away.
Now that I’m grown up I get to be the Fairy Godmother of the story. I use my photography and digital artistry to help people get lost in their own story, and create art work that captures that story.
If there is anything better than reading someone else’s story, it’s creating your own. Simply asking “What if?” and being open to all the many possibilities. Every single story is unique to its creator, no two stories are alike.
For the last few years, I’ve been studying under several different teachers, discovering ways I can best help others tell their stories. Sebastian Micheals is the digital artistry mentor whose courses took me from Photoshop novice to having several pieces published in Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine. Brooke Shaden is a fine art photographer with a love of story. Most recently I’ve been studying with Sue Bryce, an amazing mentor who’s education on Contemporary Portraits helped me achieve 3 bronze awards at this fall’s Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation.
I admit it. Not only am I a reader, I’m also a nerd. I love to learn as much as I love to create. The title on my library card is Information Ninja, something that delights my nerdy soul.
There is joy in being curious, in asking why, in dreaming, and in taking risks. I want to share that joy with others and together we can create an experience that brings their ideas and stories to life.

Rosa Veldkamp Photography

Rosa Quote
“I take images that capture a moment and transform them into art that captures a dream.”

Meet the Team

Rosa Veldkamp

Rosa Veldkamp

Photographer, Digital Artist

Fairy Godmother, costumes, styling, story writing, photography, digital artistry.

Kim Veldkamp

Kim Veldkamp


Behind the scenes, costumes, details, mom to the junior assistant.

Amelia Veldkamp

Amelia Veldkamp

Junior Assistant

Twirly dress and jewelry lover, test subject, joy magnet.

Holly Anne Flower

Holly Veldkamp

Hair and Makeup

Hair, makeup, details.

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