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I thought it was my glove . . .

Updated: May 14, 2020

hali marten unsplash

Last summer I took a part time job with a courier company. For a few hours everyday over the lunch hour, I do the mail and/or banking for an assortment of lawyers and government offices as well as pick up and drop off packages for a variety of businesses.

I pulled up to my first stop yesterday morning and got out of the car. As I walked to the entrance I thought I felt something fall. I looked back but saw nothing. Pulling open the door I started up the stairs.


The voice was urgent. "Stop!"

Looking down I saw a woman at the foot of the stairs. And my black glove on the floor.

"Oh, did I drop my glove?" I asked, about to thank her.

She leaned over to pick it up. "It dropped out of your pant leg . . . I didn't know where you were going . . ." She looked me in the eye, "I HAD to stop you . . .".

As I reached out to take my glove from her, the mortifying, unbelievable truth dawned on me . . .

This woman wasn't handing me my glove . . . she was handing me my UNDERWEAR!

After my shower that morning I had put on fresh underwear but I decided to wear the jeans I'd worn the day before . . . including, as it turned out, the previous day's underwear . . .

And this woman, this brave woman, was handing them to me . . . with her bare hands!

Would you pick up a stranger's underwear with your bare hands?! She was so concerned for me, not wanting me to be embarrassed by someone else finding out I'd been dragging yesterday's panties in the left leg of my jeans, that she did what was needed to save me from utter humiliation. And if that meant she had to pick them up in her bare hands before anyone else could see them, that's what she would do!

"Oh dear, that's what happens when you don't do the laundry!" With burning cheeks and hysterical laughter I bundled those panties into the bottom of my bag at top speed. (thankfully I had an empty baggie to put them in)

She smiled and left as quickly as she could.

You guys . . . I laughed myself sick, mortified though I was. Can you imagine . . . walking in a parking lot with underwear hanging from the bottom of your jeans? Can you imagine what someone would have thought if they came upon them at the bottom of the stairs?!!

That woman is my hero! Talk about 'Do unto others'.

There are still good people in the world . . .


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