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When your kids tell you your art is creepy

Updated: May 15, 2020

Last June my niece Rebecca had a long awaited baby, sweet little Ezra.

It was the perfect excuse for a party! I put on my party planner hat and got right to work. Luckily for me Pinterest has a lot of ideas for baby showers! Food, decor, and of course, activities . . .

What shower would be complete without a few activities?

I found a cute alphabet book printable. The idea was for the guests to create some type of artwork for each letter with the finished pages put together for a 'book' Ezra could enjoy when he was older.

The cover that came with the printable was pretty basic though so I needed to create my own cover which I could have printed and placed at the front of the book. (Cause you know . . . basic is boring . . .)

I had a blast making Ezra's book cover. And then I showed it to my kids . . . .

"Mom! That is waaay to creepy for a little kid's book! And what's up with that weird bug???"

"What's wrong with the bug? That's my favourite part?!"

"It's weird. And creepy. And don't even get me started on the bizarre clock thing!"

ABC illustration

Oh my . . . Well I did ask. My kids obviously have no problem telling it like it is.

But I ask you . . . Do you think this one's too creepy? I think it's awesome and they're crazy.

Art certainly is subjective. Lol.

But . . . I figured I had better make a cuter, more kid friendly cover so I started over and came up with this one instead.

I love the second one too, but as my sister Tamara said when she saw them, the first one's a little more me . . . (I couldn't resist printing both of them.)

ABC illustration 2

Mind you . . . how adorable is this fox??

Ah well, I didn't mind. It gave me the chance to play on my computer just a little longer . . . ;)

I know which one my kids like best. Which one would you pick?


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