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A Bike Ride

So I rode my bike to work (the bus) this morning. I must confess, if my friend Ev had not been so disappointed that I hadn’t done it yesterday I probably wouldn’t have done it today either! Since I assured her that today was the day, I took courage in hand, dressed in flannel pants, turtle neck, winter coat and gloves and strode confidently into the garage. That confidence faltered a bit as I attempted to place the helmet on my head. It didn’t fit over my toque! As I have badgered Crystal for years over the foolishness of riding without a helmet, that was not an option for me! Toqueless I buckled up my helmet and rolled out to the front sidewalk. After a wobbly start I began to peddle. A quarter of the way there my hips started complaining. I switched to a lower gear. Half way there my thighs chimed in as well. I switched to a lower gear. Three quarters of the way there I questioned my sanity as I biked up a mild slope, lungs burning. There were no lower gears left. I couldn’t stop for a rest or I would be late. You can’t be late when you drive a school bus! Thankfully the last quarter was mostly downhill. (okay down slope) I arrived at my bus with legs quivering, lungs burning, but, I had arrived! Whoo Hoo! That was a very long 15 minutes. But I am going to do it again tomorrow. Right now though, I think I’m going to take a little nap. . .

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