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A cabin in the woods part one

What do you think we came across along the way?

Gunn, Alberta.

I asked Henry if there was anymore to Gunn.

“Nope” he said “This is it.”

Wow! A gas station can be a town?

Who knew?

But wait. . .

What’s this?

Darvonda mums!!! (

In Gunn, Alberta.

At this rate, Darvonda’s going to be in Texas before you know it!

*did you know that using the word ‘Gunn'(at least I’m assuming. . .) got me 3 spam comments?

One from a divorce lawyer in Guam, another from the Philippines that looks like it might be pretty. . . well. . . lets just say I didn’t dare click on the link. . . and stock market investment.

Weird, isn’t it?

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