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A Crafty Evening

The Christmas Card Craft Night was Lots of fun!

We all paid close attention as our instructor Val explained how to make each card.

We found different cards at each station.

It took some serious concentration to put the various elements together.

As mom discovered, stamps weren’t the only tools we needed!

Val had a nice variety of techniques for us to try and they combined into some very cute cards.

Some techniques were more complicated than others. . . Mom gave up on this ornament! (I came pretty close too.)

There was lots of visiting ( Holly was happy to see an old classmate) and. . .

We can’t forget the delicious snacks! (someone brought my all time favorite taziki from The Happy Camel. Yum!)

Thanks Val!

Look what I made

Now pretend you never saw them.

Just in case you are one of the lucky people I plan to send one to. . .

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