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A Cure For The Winter Blues. . .

The book pile is finally starting to shrink.

I’m down to one smallish pile rather than two largish ones. I tend to get the winter blues at this time of year and because this winter was so mild I was sure it would pass me by this time. No such luck. It’s still winter and I still can’t get into the garden.


Mind you, while Jada and I were out walking by the river valley today I noticed some of the tree buds have started to break. Of course it is also supposed to go down to – 25 degrees at night later this week so I’m pretty sure we have a while to wait yet. Ah well. . . I’ll just have to keep snuggling under my blanket with hot chocolate and a good book! It’s as good a cure for the winter blues as any and a whole lot cheaper than the other popular remedy. . .

Retail therapy. I was out and about shopping for a few last things to finish off the bedroom and my hallway and the crowds of people in the store just boggled my mind.

Give me a good book any day!

What do you do to cure a case of the blues?

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