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A Glass Easter Basket

glass easter basket

Okay, okay, I know Easter is long gone but I just had to share this.

You can thank me for getting you ready for next Easter. . .

Every one at my house is grown up now but . . . they like their little bit of Easter candy.

We’ve never gone overboard in this regard as candy is not what Easter is all about. But I have such fond memories of Easter as a child, dressed in a pretty new dress, lacy socks, patent shoes, gloves and a fancy purse that matched my sisters’ purses ( yes, I am that old) all of which somehow spoke to me more of spring than anything, that I couldn’t give celebrating the coming season all together.

When the kids were small they each received a little basket , as did Henry, who became quite indignant when he learned I hadn’t intended to give him a basket at all.

The years passed, the kids got older and I tried unsuccessfully to let this little tradition go. Once again Henry became quite indignant.

So I switched to one communal basket.

I was feeling rather nostalgic this year and wanted to do individual baskets again. But money’s pretty tight right now, so buying four plastic baskets was too frivolous. What to do, what to do. . .

Shopping the day before Easter Sunday all Easter candy was 50% off. Whoo Hoo!

I came home and started shopping my shelves.

Hmmm. . . What about these beautiful Scottish glass dishes I picked up at a flea market for next to nothing?? They have a bit of depth, so that might work.

But now for some basket filler. . . I threw out the last of the colored plastic Easter basket filler long ago. What else might work. . . . Wait what about that shredded crimped brown paper I saved from a Christmas basket four years ago??? Perfect!

It’s still missing something though.

Hang on . . . there are bound to be some great printables for Easter . . . something with a vintage feel. And indeed there was. If I had done this post right after Easter I would probably even have had the link to the page I found it on, but, I’m afraid my plants and the goods I’m making for my upcoming sales have left me slightly scatterbrained. I’ll do better next time.

At least, I hope I will. Henry would probably tell you not to hold your breath . . .

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