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A glitch!

I had planned to post a bit of an indoor plant grab bag this morning, but when I went to edit my pictures to make them blog friendly, I discovered that somehow I’m missing the program needed!

I installed everything I had, so I’m not sure if we got an update on line, or if there is another disk missing in action. I’ll have to wait to talk to the kids, and if that doesn’t work I’ll have to give my friend Ev a call and see what other program I could use .(sorry Ev!)

I didn’t manage to get my seeds started on Saturday as it took me most of the day to re-install my programs. By the time I was done I figured I might just as well clean up the house again! I had done it on Thursday to allow myself all of Saturday to plant but… three kids, a husband and a dog…. Need I say more?

So… Just to give you a bit of bloom until I get things worked out…

Spring is not far away …. I hope.

And that’s what gardening is all about… hope and optimism!

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