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A Glorious Morning

I am so sorry that I didn’t have my camera with me on my walk with Jada this morning!

It was a glorious morning and desperately needed after yesterday.

Bundled up for our walk yesterday, we (okay I!) struggled against 30-50km (18-31 miles) per hour winds and a – 9C (15.8F) temperature.

Ugh! That was a very short walk.

This morning was a total flip. The air was still and the temperature hovered around 0C.

It snowed overnight, blanketing the ground and it lay glittering in the pale winter sun.

Oh to be a photographer!

We had such a long, peaceful walk this morning, Jada and I. . .

Mind you the huge moose we saw in some one’s back yard kind of threw me. . .

Especially when we got closer and saw that it wasn’t real!

Of course peaceful doesn’t really cut it with Jada, so we had a rousing game of Frisbee before we went in for breakfast.

What a lovely way to start the weekend.

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