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A Lovely Time Was Had By All

I haven’t posted yet about the fabulous wedding I attended while in B.C.

My lovely niece married this nice young man whom I have known for years as he was a regular on my school bus.

It was extra special knowing both of them. Mind you I have seen the groom a whole lot more than the bride so that’s kind of funny isn’t it?

I had a hand in some of the wedding decor and there will be a post about that soon as well. (I promise Tam!)

But for now. . .

A beautiful day in pictures. . .

Why oh why do I always look so goofy when someone takes my picture????

Mom wearing her party favor

Mom, Aunty Nancy and Aunty Grace all wear their party favors!

By the end of the evening the rules started relaxing a bit. . .

Her mom choose not to be quite so bold however. . .

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