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A New Year Begins 2022 *moving Instagram posts to the blog.

I’m starting this year with a phrase in my head… one an old friend used to say to me, “Begin as you mean to go on”

This year I want to live my life steeped in the garden, in the making and the taking (photographs and films), and in storytelling.

I finally got my copy of @lucytheflowerhunter ‘s book just before Christmas, and with a super human willpower I didn’t even know I possessed, I saved it to savour in the new year.

It was so, so worth it.

Normally I gobble a book in the first reading, going back to savour the second time around.

This book insists on a slow thoughtful read, right from the very first page and made me fall in love with gardening, with flowers, all over again.

It’s going to be an amazing year.

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