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A Picture Post Of The Community Spring Sale

It’s getting late and I have to be up early to be at Costco by seven ( working for Darvonda during the spring season) but I wanted to post something a little more cheerful than the last few posts. . .

So without further ado I give you the Spring Sale Ev and I did in our community a little over a week ago. . .

It took me until four in the morning to get everything done!

I love how it looked on the offcut paper I got from a printing company several years back

Adding a little bling

Ev and I shared a table

Ev’s side

My side

Ev and her daughters Laura and Alice

How cute is this fabric? Ev found it at Goodwill.

I love this milk bottle! Not sure I want to sell it. . . so. . . I priced it accordingly. . .

Come on out to the plant sale!

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