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A Queen and her Prince.

This one’s a bit of a throwback, but Amelia spent the afternoon with us, and scrolling through my camera roll, came upon this image.

It made her so happy.

She’s been nervous around dogs for a long time, and although she helped us pick out Milo as a puppy, and loved him, he grew so fast and loved her so…. Vigorously… she generally wanted (and often still does) to love him from afar, preferably another room. (His tongue is very long and very wet.)

On this particular visit I had gotten her a new party dress, and we got fancy and added one of my crowns to complete the outfit.

Seeing herself in the mirror, she declared that Milo was going to see how beautiful she looked, fall in love with her, and want to marry her.

She insisted he needed his own crown, and got super brave and stood beside him so I could get a picture of the two of them.

I love being a grandma.

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