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A Quick Update

It’s been awfully busy around here for the last week or two. Things are starting to really ramp up. The Fling With Spring went very well and I hope everyone who attended had a good time. I would post pictures but I was a little busy at the time and Ev was behind the video camera so. . . Words will have to do! I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the greenhouse for the next little while, transplanting things into larger pots, planting up more lilies and starting an astounding ( to me. . ) number of seeds to get ready for this spring’s plant sale. In anticipation of the busy season and to build up some stamina, I am talking advantage of the Wii fit program Morgan bought. Yes indeed, every morning will find me rhythm boxing, kung foo fighting and hula hooping like a mad woman.(thankfully only the boys are around to see how terrible I am. I do not have the greatest sense of rhythm!) I’ve got to say. . . if you have to exercise. . . Wii fit is the fun way to go. Not the easy way, mind you, but fun. Now I’m off to bed. I want to hit the ground running tomorrow. Spring is on the move and it waits for no woman. . .

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