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A tour

Brenda, over at thebrendablog has organized a virtual tour.

She will be showcasing spaces ‘where bloggers create’ this Sunday.

I thought it would be fun to participate and I know Tamara will be as well.

That means I have some serious cleaning to do!

Remember this?

No one can create with this kind of chaos!

So. . .

I’m off.

I have finally gotten my basement clean and organized ( the mystery smell in the cold room was caused by a Costco sized bag of onions rotting and dripping on to one of Morgan’s old stuffed dinosaurs. Sorry Morgan, I had to throw Steggy out.)

My garden room had been clean but I’m still racing to finish as many projects as I possibly can before school (and bus driving) starts so it’s full of pictures and towel hooks for the bathroom, a pantry that needs to be assembled and plants I’ve brought in from outside that need a little attention.

I just told Henry that going back to work this year is going to feel like a holiday!

So check back on Sunday and enjoy the tour .


Brenda, I tried very hard to put up the badge. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out. Still can’t understand how to get it! Arghhh. . .

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