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A Tuesday Chuckle Courtesy Of Marty’s Musings

It’s been busy around here for the last week or so. I’ve got big plans up my sleeve and I’m hard at work on them.

It’s very exciting. Especially now that I have some expert help! Google Apps will meet their match!

And then there’s this Spring’s plant sale. Which I had decided to skip this year. Because that’s the sensible thing to do.

Henry was going to be sooo proud.

While our friend Teresa was over one evening, I mentioned my sensible decision.

Henry’s reaction was . . . unexpected . . .

“What?!! But you have to have a plant sale!. I’ve been telling people about it and they’re excited.”

“You want me to have a plant sale?? A sale that will make lots of extra work for you, and likely interrupt the steady flow of homemade bread you’ve been enjoying?!”

“Well, yeah. Just keep it small so it won’t be so much work.”

Keep it small??

It’s been 28 years. You think he’d know me by now . . .

I started the first batch of seeds today Thirteen different flowers. Annuals and perennials. After I stop at Apache Seeds tomorrow I will have fifteen.

Keep it small.

What was he thinking???

Does anyone have favorites that they plant every year? Any requests, if you live here in town? Let me know. I would be happy to add to the list . . .

Keep it small . . . ha!

The Tuesday chuckle?

I found this post through Donna at Funky Junk‘s Facebook page

Hop over to Marty’s Musing’s and check it out . . .

How to Survive a Blogging Spouse

1) Buy the very best computer you can’t possibly afford and then don’t even tell her how to turn it on. I’m serious! If you help on that very first night, you have become her Internet Technology Specialist. And you will rue that day. Our weapon of choice is a 27” iMac. With reading glasses on, this thing looks like a roadside billboard. It has yet to blink, even with 30 trillion pictures on it already

*excerpt reprinted with permission. Click on Marty’s Musings link for the full post.

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