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All it took was a punch in the nose

I know I have been very remiss in keeping up with my plan to post everyday.

Things have been crazy around here since I’ve been back and I’ve been rather blue about life in general.

I’m pretty sure my hormones ( that pesky menopausal thing!) are acting up again as my hair is once again falling out (thankfully it mostly grows back).

Yesterday was a good day for feeling sorry for myself as, while trying to switch the pipes from one rain barrel to another I managed to punch myself in the nose.


So hard that my first thought was, “It better not be broken! Morgan’s grad is next week! No it’s not broken, whew! But it’s bleeding , and red and swollen! Ack!! What if it’s black and blue next week?! How do I fix that!”

Well I’m here to tell you that the swelling has gone down quite a bit.

So has the redness.

I should be fine for my son’s grad.

And I must be missing my blogging more than I realized because my third thought was . . .

Wow! How dumb was that?! I have so got to blog about this!”

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