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Amelia’s Baby Shower

Updated: May 14, 2020

It’s been a few weeks since we threw a baby shower for Amelia but . . . better late than never, right??

Kim had asked months ago if we could throw a Garden Tea baby shower and . . . since that’s right up my alley . . . of course I said yes!

We hadn’t counted on all the other things going on though. Or thought about the fact that summer would be rapidly approaching, so the day of the baptism found me scrambling to find a date that would work for as many people as possible.

Which turned out to be only four days later.

Oh my. The garden hadn’t been properly cared for in weeks and weeks and it had been raining much more than we were used to here on the prairies. It was desperately needed mind you, so no one was complaining, we just aren’t used to getting rain nearly every day.

The weather held though, and I spent 3 days in the garden, weeding, pruning and primping.

The shower would never have happened without my dear friend Joyce’s help, because by the middle of day 2 in the garden, I was pooped beyond belief. (Joyce and I have organized countless events together over the years and it was such fun to work together again.)

Joyce and I brainstormed the menu, decorations and games and Joyce did the majority of the shopping, leaving me more time to work in the garden.

She also made some lovely, delicious cookies! (I must admit I hid most of the leftovers from Henry and Jesse so I could eat them all myself! ;D)

On the day of the shower Joyce got here early and we went right to work, decorating the garden and setting up an extra canopy (thank you to Linda A for lending it and bringing it to the house!) and arranged seating for 25 guests. There was a chance of showers but we figured as long as everyone was under cover we’d be alright.

We did make one big concession to possible bad weather. We had originally intended to have food and seating areas sprinkled throughout the garden but decided to decorate the covered deck that leads into the house and have all the food served there, just in case.

The weather held until the guests began to arrive.

It started showering, but that was okay, this was a baby shower after all . . .

More guests arrived.

It started raining a little harder and the skies just kept getting darker.

The wind began to blow. There was some quick rearranging of the food tables as the end closest to the edge of the deck was starting to get wet.

There’s nothing fancy about soggy food!

I held out hope that it would blow over and we would still be able to get into the garden.

The rain showers turned into a deluge. So much rain came down, that even if it did blow over, the gazebo, which is on the lowest spot in the garden, would have water coming up over the floor.

So . . . we crammed into my teeny, tiny house. All 25 of us. Just like sweaty sardines. The clever, brave ones sat out on the deck where it was cooler, and damper.

And yet. . .

We all had a wonderful time. Because in the end, it’s all about the people. Pretty decorations are wonderful, but if all you have are family and friends to visit with . . . That, really, is all you need.

*(Of course good food and some fun, funky drinks help too! ;D)

So, without further ado, I give you Amelia’s baby shower:

And of course, once Grandpa got home, he had to have a little Amelia snuggle time too!

God has richly blessed us with this new, darling addition to our family.


14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14 NIV

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