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An empty greenhouse

I bought this portable greenhouse about four years ago with a nice sturdy cover that had a door and back window with zippers and the four side windows closed with Velcro.

I loved it!

There is nothing like going into a greenhouse (even a small one) on a cool spring day and breathing in that intoxicating smell of green growing things.

My poor cover succumbed to the elements last year though, so Handy Henry covered it with regular plastic this year. (Actual greenhouse plastic being both hard to find and rather expensive!)

Unfortunately it does not do quite the same job and I’ve had to move everything back inside because the temperatures just drop down a little too low at night.

This week’s forecast is looking good however, so I’ll be making multiple trips to put everything back.

Hopefully I’ll also find some time to do it. This is the season where the to do list is way longer than the hours of the day!

Things are still coming along in the garden, and no Tamara I didn’t just plant them for the blog!

Here’s a peek. . .

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