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An Even Better Recovery Nest Than The Last One!

I had a nice little recovery nest after the last surgery.

But this time my recovery will take quite a bit longer, so of course my little nest needed to be quite a bit better. The best way to achieve that?

Call in my sister Lisa of course!

I phoned her about three days before she was supposed to fly up and asked if there was any possibility of putting together a simple quilt while she was here so I could spend some of my recovery time hand quilting the top and bottom together?

I was thinking something like large nine patch squares.

She remembered some special prints blocks she had put away and got to work then and there.

We spent the Monday evening after she arrived doing a massive grocery shop.

Tuesday she started cooking. We called in Rebecca for reinforcements.

I went to get my hair done. They kept cooking.

This is what was put in the freezer. . .

3 full sized lasagnas and one half sized. 13 1 pound bags of fried hamburger. Some spiced for spaghettis and soups and some plain for tacos. (One of Morgan’s favorites) 18 hamburger patties, 1 small bag of meatballs and 6 bags of chopped soup veggies. Lisa also baked a box of chicken breasts which were sliced and portioned out into bags for stir fries and pastas. . . and about twenty individual sized container with both cream of cauliflower and cream of broccoli soup.

This just simplified things so on the days I felt up to cooking I wouldn’t have to think too hard.

Or plan ahead. Because I’m terrible at that at the best of times. . .

The next day I did a bit of baking and Lisa started another sewing project. . .

A custom housecoat with matching pajama pants.

But you will have to wait for a picture of the finished product because I didn’t want to wear it until I was actually in the hospital.

I told you I was a dork!

Thursday she had to fly back after lunch but she worked tirelessly until the very last minute to finish the quilt.

And she did it!

Whoo Hoo!

Told you this nest was way better than the last one!

Love you Lisa. . .

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