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An old To Do list.

You’re probably all getting sick of hearing how busy I’ve been.

I know I am!

There is one week left before school (and bus driving) begin.

I woke up this morning, my mind in a whirl, wondering how in the world I was going to get it all done.

Then it occurred to me.

What exactly did I need to get done?

How much had I accomplished already?

I took out my trusty notebook and looked up the last To Do list.

As I went through it and crossed many of the items off, it occurred to me that the time had come to leave the list alone for a while.

I can get a little type A sometimes and the more I do, the worse I get!

So. . .

Although most of me is vibrating with the need to keep working on the list, adding to the list and/or making a whole new list, I am making a conscious effort to let it go.

I’m sure I’ll slip ( I’m still list making in my head!) but, it’s time to rest and recharge.

On that note I’m off to bake ( Jenny, I decided to go back to the source for the cinnamon bread recipe, and thankful, my MIL still had it. Hope to post it soon!!) , I’ll do a little laundry and putter with a delicious dinner of roast beef , new potatoes, fresh corn and homemade applesauce.

After dinner?

The hammock, my book and I have an appointment.

The beautiful hanging basket?

Not mine. My poor garden has suffered due my ‘busyness’. This one hangs on my sister Tamara’s lovely porch. ( Check her out at

Inspiration for next year.

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