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And I Call Myself A Master Gardener. . .

A while back, when Ev and I visited Hole’s new Enjoy center for their opening, I bought an Elephant Ear bulb because I thought it would look cool by the pond. (Once Henry finishes building it. We are going into year three now. . .) I was even lucky enough to talk to Jim Hole, one of the owners and he told me to plant it quick because I was already a bit late with it. The bulb can be saved from year to year so it didn’t bother me that it might be a bit small this year. I planted the bulb and put it in the greenhouse with everything else and waited for something to happen.

I watered. I waited. I watered some more. I waited some more. And waited. . . And waited. . . Everything in the greenhouse had been planted and this is all I saw. . .

The time had come to empty the pot. And this is what I saw. . .

I planted the bulb upside down!!!

Considering the price of the bulb I did what I could to remedy the situation.

I don’t know if it’s going to grow, but I’ll keep you posted.

Just so you all don’t think I’m a total dufus I’m going to post later tomorrow with pictures of the back garden now that it’s stopped raining.

I really am a master gardener. . . !

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