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And The Silliness Continues. . .

There was a big envelope in the mailbox yesterday. It was rather exciting. I mean who knows what it might have been?!!

A gift from a secret admirer, a garden magazine I didn’t remember ordering, exotic goods from a far away land. . .

The possibilities were endless. . . I went inside, put the rest of the mail on the counter and eagerly checked out the envelope.

Right away there was a bit of a setback.

It wasn’t for me! Well that was disappointing.

But hey, I’m always game to enjoy someone’s else’s good fortune so I eagerly started squeezing the envelope trying to figure out what might be inside. It felt a little squishy but not bulky.

Hmmmm. . .

I checked the return address. Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Nothing from exotic places then. . .

What in the world was in that envelope and who sent it?

Not knowing was making me a little crazy and Morgan had to work late!

Time passed, as it always does and he finally came home.

“This is for you. Open it, quick. What is in there? It almost feels like a shirt.”

At that he began laughing as he ripped open the package.

“It’s the free shirt I sent away for. The one from the cereal box.”

Of course the only size they had left was a child’s medium. . . Want a quick way to look buff?

Wear a shirt several sizes too small. You’ll never have to go to the gym again!

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