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Another day in China

Here I am ready for another day at the tradeshow.

I have to say that it was overwhelming to see how much ‘stuff’ there was at this fair exibit.

The Jinhan fair was mostly ceramics, and although we did find some interesting pots, the majority of what we saw was figurines and all kinds of giftware.

Any figurine, chotchke, or doodad you might imagine was at this fair.

Eleven floors!

I must say I will never look at decorative ware the same again!

After several hours of walking we decided to stop for lunch.

We walked into a green oasis.

A small fountain trickled as we came around the corner.

Another surpise waited around the bend.

As we entered the restaraunt we saw this lovely room .

We could have chosen this room to have our lunch but. . .

We ate outside instead.

I was not feeling particularly adventurous when I ordered lunch, but choose to have a grilled ham and cheese sandwhich.Of course the ham was a little different in flavour and the cheese was swiss but, it was a ham and cheese sanwhich!

Tamara, on the other hand went for the unusual.

Coconut soup with seafood and noodles.

Unfortunately for her the seafood was still in it’s whole state. The shrimp had a shell and eyes! This little octopus’s dangly legs defeated her and he remained uneaten.

Good call if you ask me!


When the time came that none of us was able to go another step ( Okay, once I couldn’t go another step) Daisy managed to find us another restaurant where we sat and had a refreshing drink and waited for our driver to come and get us.

This one had a garden as well.

Weren’t we lucky?

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