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My first batch of seeds is doing well and will soon be ready to prick out into their own pots. The time had come to start a new batch of seed and that brought with it a new sense of anticipation! This time around I have done things a little differently, planting the basil seeds straight into the clay pots they will be sold in. Normally when I grow basil I space each plant a good distance from the other, allowing it to reach it’s full growth potential. That can take quite some time however and what I have noticed when I’ve seen the basil pots in the grocery store, is that there are many seedlings in one pot allowing you to harvest the herbs much more quickly. So I am giving that a try, hoping to have lush, lovely herb pots ready to sell at April’s Spring Sale . I love to try something new. Gardening is such fun!

I have eight of these pots on the go

Nothing yet. Which, considering I planted them around midnight on Saturday is not too surprising! But I can’t help checking a few times a day anyway. . .

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