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Apple blossoms

My apple tree was in full bloom by last week.

Unless it’s tulips, daffodils, the flowers on my mayday tree, or crocuses.

And don’t forget about pulsatilla and glory in the snow.

Lilacs. . .

Or bleeding hearts. . .

Who am I kidding?

I love them all!

My daughter Holly thinks the back garden has a bit of an Asian feel at the moment and I think she’s right.

It always fills me with wonder to watch a garden change from one week to the next.

As you can see, I still haven’t had time to plant anything yet. These are all the plants I either started from seed, or grew from the cuttings my sister Tamara and her husband brought when they were visiting earlier in the year.

I’ve also got bunch of perennials I started, visiting over at my friend Ev’s house.

She was kind enough to take them in when I began running out of room.

I promise I’ll be by to get them soon Ev!

In the mean time, while I wait for a few spare moments to work in the garden, I’ll enjoy the changes happening out front.

Here is just one of about eighty alliums I planted two years ago in the fall.

I love gardening. . .

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