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Back to work

Well, the holidays are truly over.

We had our vacation at the cabin. ( Stories and pictures to follow later this week.)

My mom’s moved into her new apartment. A big thanks to Uncle Henry and cousin Karl who drove her up here from the Okanagan and to cousin Marie and her boys for coming into the city and helping to haul all that stuff up two flights of stairs. ( There was no elevator and my mom has a lot of stuff! And this after she pared down significantly!)

School started yesterday and with it so did school bus driving.

For the first year ever,I didn’t have nightmares that involved leaving late, getting lost, forgetting students, getting stuck in the mud, or deciding to take a nap halfway through the trip!

What a relief.

I can’t decide if that’s because I’m more experienced(15 years this year) or just had too many other things going on to even have had time to think about it!

Henry finished my gazebo .This means the whole front garden needs some revamping.

Whoo Hoo!

I love revamping!

I’ll be posting on this process as well and will be looking for opinions as it gets underway.

Volunteer work has begun and my cousin L ,who moved here recently with her family has offered to help me put on this Year’s Winter Bazaar.(There is talk of a petting zoo, complete with baby kangaroo!) So we’ll be working on that Thursday.

And then there’s the mysterious UPS delivery. . .

Much work must be done before those packages can be opened.


Fall is here.

And. . .

For Tamara, who wanted to know what I did with the free Darvonda mums I received.

A few found good homes with friends.

I used mine here.

Four were used in the school gardens I’ve put in across the street.

Complete with Darvonda birdhouses. (also free!)

That leaves one.

So if anyone out there wants it . . .

Drop by for coffee and a visit and it’s yours to take home.

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