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Bad News, Good News

I just heard back from the computer repair people. The bad news is, the computer has something wrong with the actual hardware. The good news is, it will not cost a small fortune to save my files as there is nothing wrong any of my programs. What does this mean for my blog? I could have the computer fixed, but my friend Ev found a tower on sale that doesn’t cost a whole lot more than it would to fix the old one. So I’m buying a new tower. I’d like to buy a package so that I can get a 24″ flat screen monitor for my aging eyes. Since I couldn’t even bring myself to spend money on a flash drive to save my files (That’s going to change!) I won’t be buying any more than I need. (Bummer!) I am going to spend the money to save my files though, which means that once this is all sorted out, I will have some lovely warm weather pictures to blog with! Anyone care to join me in the happy dance?

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