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Baking Disaster

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s last night and I offered to bring dessert.

My plan was to make black forest cake. I serve a wedge of chocolate cake topped with homemade fudge sauce, cherry pie filling, whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

When I’m in a hurry I sometimes cheat and use a cake mix (gasp!)

This time I thought I’d have some fun and try out a new cake recipe from my new favorite cookbook (I found it at the library) The New Canadian Basics by Carol Ferguson with Murry McMillian.

This cookbook has a little of everything and I have already tried out several recipes with great success.

Imagine my surprise when this is what came out of the oven!

I just couldn’t figure it out!

Then I looked over the recipe.

Yep, you guessed it, I had forgotten something!

Bet you can’t guess what it was. . . !

Obviously we weren’t going to be having black forest cake for dessert, so I opened my first jar of Brin’s Magical Apple Pie Filling,( whipped up the topping for apple crisp (also out of this cookbook) threw together some nanimo bars and we were on our way.

The apple crisp? Delicious!

Tune in tomorrow to see how my mom and I canned all those jars of pie filling.

You won’t believe how many jars we made!

*And I’ll tell you just what I forgot to put in the cake. You may be surprised. I was!

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