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Blog Worthy Activity

So I spent a good part of last week reading. Wednesday I read two of Francine Rivers’ newest books. ‘Her Mother’s Hope’ and ‘Her Daughter’s Dream.’ I started in the morning , read all day, stopping only when Henry dropped by for lunch and made like I had been busy all day, threw something together for supper and finished the second book at 3:30 in the morning. You would think I had learned from that, but no, I read nearly as much the next day! By Friday night I realized that I had better not even open a book until after dinner or there would be no blog worthy activity happening around here at all! Saturday was fun with lots of baking and a family get together at a park with a lake and a dog park. Of course that meant we took Jada along and Henry wanted to let her run free while I wanted her leashed until she listened to me. I took her to the dog park area, took off her leash and watched her bolt over to the truck looking for Henry. Then she spotted one the of many hot dogs scattered around the park (bait for the crayfish in the pond) and any kind of control was a lost cause. Which brought on an argument in front of Henry’s dad when he (Henry, not his dad) insisted she should be off leash anyway. I strongly suggested that was a terrible idea.. The end result was him taking her for a walk instead of me and letting her off leash as soon as they were out of sight! (As I told his dad he would!) Ah well, once she got to stay next to Henry she quieted down a whole lot. I did have some fun with a bouquet from the garden for my sister-in-law Dorothy’s birthday

Dorothy’s gift and handmade card

Very pretty ribbon and a handmade label

as well as something neat for my secret sister.

Cherry cheesecake

Shhhhh! Don”t tell her it was me!

(don’t worry she doesn’t read this blog so I won’t be giving anything away! Just make sure you don’t give it away!) This week has me canning peaches, making strawberry jam and going for a drive in my bus with the lady who is replacing me. Friday I get to do something fun as well, but that is going to have to stay secret for a while. Should the unthinkable happen and the blog goes silent, you will know that the responsible woman in me lost out ot the avid reader. . . If that happens I give you all permission to hassle me without mercy . . .

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