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Boys To Men. . . .And Back Again!

When Morgan and Jesse were young, Lego was always at the top of the list when it came to Christmas and birthdays. There was no such thing as too much Lego. The years passed until one day they realized that the Lego hadn’t been out for a few years.

They decided that rather than letting all that Lego languish unused, they would rather pass it on to other boys who would enjoy it the way they had.

A much loved teacher with small boys just the right age was chosen.

I was told that teacher’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw just how much Lego the boys had accumulated. I was also told that the teacher was probably even more excited about the gift than his boys would be!

So here they are, Morgan and Jesse, no longer boys but young men.

What do you think they brought home last night?

Well Jesse brought home. Morgan had to settle for a puzzle as this purchase was out of his reach. . .

The Millennium Falcon and a Star Wars puzzle

1254 pieces!

From boys. . . to men. . . and back again!

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