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Brad and Amanda. A Wedding Story.

A few months back I got a text from my son Morgan. “Was I free March 27th?”

I texted back “Yes. Why?”

His best friend Brad was getting married and was looking for a photographer. Would I do it?

Are you kidding?! Of course I would! I’ve known Brad since he and Morgan were preschoolers and his fiancee Amanda is the sweetest girl. How could I pass that up?

We had a great time with their engagement shoot so I knew the wedding would be lots of fun as well. The bonus for me was that Morgan was in the wedding party so I’d have plenty of opportunities to embarrass and mortify him with my behavior.

Win, win all around . . .

They really are such a lovely couple. The day was chill and laid back. (aside from the emotion just before and during the ceremony of course . . .)

I truly enjoyed spending the day with Brad , Amanda and their family and friends and I pray that they will be blessed in the years ahead as they begin married life together.

Congratulations you guys!

(*warning! Lots (and lots) of photos ahead . . . Brevity is not my strong suit! ;D)

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