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Busy Days

Wellingtons Garden Center

It’s getting busy around here.

My cousin Leona and I are organizing the Sinter Klaas Bazaar again this year and there are just five days to go until the big day.

There are so many little details that need to be taken care of for a big fund raising event and I keep track of them in my special note book. You know, that books of lists that functions like my brain. (except that it’s more reliable. . .) The book that never leaves my sight. Except that it did. Leave my sight I mean. . .

It has disappeared!!!

I am madly trying to recreate all my notes and I’m so sure that I’ve forgotten at least one person who wanted to rent a table that I’m going to have to have an extra ‘vendor’ table or two just to make sure. . . I sure hope that book turns up soon!

I’m also in charge of decorating so I’ve got a few ideas that I’ve be trying to scrounge up bits and pieces for. I’ve picked up the table cloths and we will be covering all the tables with plastic burgundy and green table clothes and I bought coordinating napkins for the kitchen as well as the dessert table.

Of course I wasn’t thinking about the bazaar yesterday when I decided to decorate the front garden for Christmas while it was still some what warm. I worked on my own all afternoon putting up the greenery and Jesse and I worked well into the evening putting up the lights.

It looked great! (I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I get a chance. We won’t be turning on the lights until December and I’m hoping for a bit of snow to cover the ugly stomped on garden.)

Then I realized that I had just used up a lot of the bits and pieces I had intended to use at the bazaar!

Sigh. . .

That’s what happens when I lose my book of lists!

Ah well. . . I’m sure everything will work out one way or another. Anyone have any good, quick, cheap and fabulous decorating ideas? I think I might need them!

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