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C for Coneflower

I'm not one for dried flowers. (Aside from hydrangeas. They are beautiful no matter what state they are in.)

They were popular when I was a child, along with macrame, avocado green and harvest gold appliances.

To me they were, papery, dusty and a little creepy.

So this pretty dried coneflower was a sweet surprise to me when I came upon it in my greenhouse a few weeks ago. I picked the last of the coneflowers at the very end of the season and put them in a vase in the greenhouse, intending to put them in the gazebo. The weather turned cold, and I forgot all about them. They dried so prettily, even retaining some colour in the petals.

There was something magical about it and I wanted to bring a little of that magic to today's project.

A few other flowers dried unintentionally and are quite charming. In the fall, I'll be trying my hand at drying different flower varieties . . . intentionally this time.

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