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Changes Are Coming. . . I Think. . .

I haven’t been particularly happy with my {growing} wisdom website and have been looking around for alternatives.

Building a good website requires know how and money, both of which are in short supply. The trick with a website is to have a short, memorable address and the ability to find the information you are looking for quickly and easily. My current website isn’t particularly expensive but Ev tells me it is very slow and I can’t seem to get a look that I like (thus, if you have visited it more than once lately, you will have seen more than a few new looks, none of which I have been happy with.) and it’s not the greatest to work with either. I have, however, come to a fairly simple solution.

I think. My blog address is Not exactly short and memorable. It turns out that for $10 a year I can change it to (for example) and anyone with a link or bookmark to my original address will still come here and so will anyone using my new address! I have also figured out how to make tabs across the top of the page for specific subjects like Classes, About {growing} wisdom and what have you!

Who Hoo! This place would become both my blog and my website! I love simple. . .

I am thinking about changing the look and possibly the name of my blog though. The name change wouldn’t be difficult technically (although I am mighty attached to it after all this time, so that makes it harder) but the look and function of the blog is harder to change.

And scarier.

If you don’t do it right you could lose all the cool features like followers, post list, favorites and what have you. Plus, because the look (template) I have now stretches across the screen, if I change it the wrong way, my blog post and pictures might run into my sidebar.

We’ll have to see how brave I am . . . So. . . If you drop by and things seem to change from one day to the next. . . Well . . . I got brave. Feel free to put your two cents in. I love collaboration!

*Isn’t it funny how quickly you can change your mind about things you believed you would love forever? When I made up my logo, I had the ability to customize the name as well, so I choose {growing} wisdom and I loved how it looked with the fancy brackets. I still like the look on my business cards, but I have to admit I have begun to find it rather annoying when I am just writing about the business. What I really want to do, for everything but the marketing stuff (cards brochures etc.), is just to write it in capital letters! Man am I ever fickle! Just ask Ev. . . She’s the one I call for a second opinion when I change my mind about things. She’s on speed dial, the poor thing. . .

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