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Christmas Center Piece Kits

I sold these kits at a local craft fair and thought you might like to see how they are made.

If you don’t have a kit you could always make up your own!

I cut these greens and rose hips from my garden.

You want to make sure that you cut your Oasis floral foam (a floral foam that you can wet) so that there is about 1-11/2 inches above the rim

Float the foam in water until soaked through. I had to flip it ove to make that work.

Put the foam into the pot. I didn’t have a plastic liner so I just folded a large Ziploc bag over to fit. (Don’t forget this step! I did and ended up with water all over my table when I watered it a few days later.) Yikes!

Cut the pieces left in half and soak

Put in pot trying to keep the tops of all three pieces level

Put the candle holders in the center of the pot

Cut the greens into smaller sprigs that are still long enough to hang over the end of the pot

I like to work all four sides first so the arrangement stays fairly even. I then fill in the corners with contrasting evergreens. In this case I used cedar on the four sides and golden juniper in the corners. You can change that up a bit as you work your way up the foam. There is no real right or wrong way to do this. If it looks good to you you’ve done it right!

When you clip the stem try to cut them on a bit of an angle

You also want to remove any bottom bits so the stem is long enough to poke into the foam. * Don’t pull the stems back out a bit if you think you pushed them in to far. That creates an air pocket and will prevent the stems from taking up water. You don’t want to place the stems more than once either as it creates hole you can’t use again for that same reason

Fill in the greens, covering the foam

Now it’s time to embellish! I added some rose hips from my garden

Time to place the candles in the holders. If you find your candles don’t quite fit you can always shave the bottom down a bit with a knife.

You can trim any of your additions to a length that works for you.

I love the somewhat rustic feel you get with sticks of cinnamon

I also wanted to place single pointsettia flowers so I cut them off the spray rather than poking the whole thing in.

I made 2 loops with the ribbon and left the ends dangling on either side

I then tied the ribbon around the middle of the loops

I fluffed the loops and put the pick into the foam

Cut the ends of the ribbon and. . . Ta Da! A lovely center piece for the holidays.

Water so it doesn’t dry out and you can enjoy it for some time to come!

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