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Christmas Kitchen Mice

I love decorating for Christmas!

Last year however, as much as I tried to will myself, I couldn't find the oomph or desire to do much in the way of decorating inside, although I did pretty up outside.

My tree didn't go up until the day before Christmas, (unheard off!) and that only happened so the kids wouldn't know how much of a struggle I was having with mustering up holiday spirit. I didn't want to have a Zoom Christmas without the tree.

This year, even with certain restrictions still in place, I'm finding myself filled with holiday spirit, and it found an outlet when I came across these adorable felted mice, and some gorgeous red poinsettia. (An unusual choice for me, as I generally prefer white, pink, or speckled poinsettia)

As soon as I brought the mice into the house I knew they were kitchen mice. It was the only place for them. And although I had meant to sprinkle the poinsettia around the house, it was obvious that they could only be kitchen poinsettia.

And I was right, wasn't I?

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