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Computers, Arghhhh!

Okay, what is it about computers?

Mine is making me crazy!

Morgan had shown me a quick way to download my pictures from the memory card.


Now all I had to do this morning, was to download the pictures onto my side. Only, it doesn’t work. After some serious work on figuring out what the problem was, I discovered that the program needed to do this was on Morgan’s side of the computer but not mine.

No problem , I’ll just install it on my side. Only, the computer can’t seem to find the program and I have run out of time to fiddle with it.

I had promised to have a garden design done by the end of the month which is coming up fast. And I need to get it done so. . .

I’ll leave you with more pictures of my front garden last July, to keep you going until tommorow.

At which time I will show you the result of mistake number one , which has occured with my seedlings.

Until tomorrow. . .

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