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Counting My Blessings

purple pansy

As I sit at my desk this afternoon cool air drifts through an open patio door, bringing with it a hint of rain.

The sweet smell of a mayday tree perfumes my office.

Joyful shrieks tell of little neighbor girls playing tag next door.

Jada lays in the doorway, the occasional yip and small whine a testament to her dreams.

Butter, soft and yellow waits in the bottom of a mixing bowl, destined to become delicious oatmeal cookies.

Purple pansies bring to mind the carefree days of childhood.

After months of being confined to home and, for the most part, my chair, I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard these last few months, planting, creating and learning so many new things to bring my dreams to life.

But now. . . for a little while. . . it’s time to rest and count my blessings. My abundant blessings. God is good.

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