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Creative Opportunities. Creating Social Media Images.

Updated: May 14, 2020

I love to style things. I always have. Pair this tiny vase with that feather, add an assortment of foraged bits and before you know it you’ve created a pretty vignette.

This skill has been handy in countless ways. Decorating a corner of the living room is an obvious one. I’ve also used it to enhance meals I’ve catered, bring a little extra ‘something’ to floral arrangements for weddings, create atmosphere for large events and even just to pretty up an empty spot in the garden.

As time went on, and photography became more and more important to me, I discovered it was just the skill needed for still life photography. This resulted in an ever expanding collection of props in my style cupboards.

My dear husband Henry would look at me and smile, shaking his head when another trip to the thrift store resulted in ‘just one more thing . . .’

Creating marketing and social media images was just a natural extension of all that and over the last few years I’ve had the chance to work with some beautiful products.

Not long ago I was able to style fall belgian mums, for Milner Gardens‘ Facebook page, and decided to spread the styling love around. (actually, my friends shared the love with me . . . I have great friends!)

I gathered up the mums and an assortment of fall decor then set off to visit a few like minded friends who allowed me borrow their beautiful homes and gardens. I was even able to incorporate some of their lovely decor.

It made for the best day. I mean, how often do you get to play with all the things you like best and spend time with your friends while you do it?

Life is good.

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