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Day 4

Today was a short day, as our contractor had a dentist appointment in the afternoon.

He did get the fan wired, installed and then vented to the outside. (The vent for the previous fan had fallen from the ceiling long ago and the fan just vented into the attic.)

He also managed to drywall the ceiling with a little help from Jesse and Jesse’s head (which he used to hold the drywall up when the second brace proved a little short.)

This was all quite exciting .

I was, however, totally fed up with the hunt for the ‘perfect’ vanity.

As you may know, I hate to shop.(Unless gardening is involved. But that’s totally different. )

We had chosen, and purchased, our tile, sinks, and faucets over a year and a half ago. I still needed a new toilet for upstairs, a vanity, medicine cabinets (or mirrors), storage, towel bars etc.

I figured that shouldn’t be too hard. However, as Tamara commented, the hardest part is getting everything to look as though it belongs together.

I started out just fine.

While in Canadian Tire I found a cute medicine cabinet with a matching over the toilet cupboard ( of the non tacky variety) and a really great light fixture.

The medicine cabinet and the storage cupboard were on sale, so I decided to by them for both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.

The light fixtures made me feel a little guilty because they were not on sale and I already had two fixtures.

I had spent a lot of time over a year ago trying to find something I liked and I just couldn’t find it so I finally settled on something that would be, good enough.

Then my friend N gave me another fixture she had purchased for her own reno that didn’t work for her. (The light, not the reno.)

So, really, I did have two lights that were okay.

But in Canadian Tire I found a light fixture that I loved!

And it went with the other things I had just picked out.

Hmmm. . .

What to do?

How to justify buying new lights?

Well. . .

The lights I had were brushed nickle.

Everything else was chrome.

That would look kind of stupid.

Kind of stupid looking isn’t good for resale.


I had no choice.

I bought two light fixtures.

But still. . .


Every hardware/ big box store in town and most of the kitchen stores were searched and. . .


I really do hate shopping.

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