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Decorating For Christmas And Joining The Great Poinsettia Challenge

Well it is close to midnight and I don’t have long to get this entry into Tamara’s Great Poinsettia Challenge so I am going to work as fast as I can to get this post done.

It will be heavy on the pictures and light on words.

The artificial poinsettia’s I used came from a thrift store for next to nothing.

The real ones came from a big box store, although not our favorite big box store. . . (sorry Tam!) My house is quite small (less than 1000 square feet) and I wanted the very small poinsettias so I could spread them around a bit. I spent just under $18.

Every thing else I used was stuff I already had.

Except the Yoda lights on the tree.

As most of you know that was contributed by the boys. . .

Enjoy the show. . .

The only thing left to do is to put the lamb Morgan made in kindergarten at the top of the tree. . . I do love to decorate for Christmas!

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