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Deep. Dark. Secrets.

There are a few things you may not know about me that I thought I would share. . .

House plants try to hide behind each other when I stroll past them in the big box greenhouse.

The word is out.

Go home with Rosa and three months later? You are a crispy, brown mess, just one day from being tossed in the garbage. She’ll save your pot though. . . When I bake smarties cookies I put them in small Ziploc bags and stash them in a variety of locations in the freezer.

I put a token dozen in the cookie tin and eat the rest of them on the sly. Shhhhh . . .

Ditto lemon sugar cookies, although, Holly seems to have caught on. She eats as many of those as I do.

I don’t like to drive.

I do not understand the appeal of a road trip. If someone else can do the driving I let them. Better yet. . . I’ll fly instead. (Yes . . . I drove a school bus for nearly 20 years.) When I was young I liked to make up songs and sing them for other kids, pretending they were not made up songs.

As a matter of fact Tamara and I made up a song (With the organ? someone’s piano?) that I still clearly remember . . Toyland, toyland, Toyland, toyland, you can sing and play all dayaye . . . Ring any bells Tam?? When I went to kindergarten I had a huge crush on a cute boy named Stanley.

I was positive that we were perfect for each other. After all, I was Rosa Terpstra and he was Stanley.

R. S. T.

It was meant to be! I’m not sure I ever knew his last name. Not that it would have mattered. Who can argue with R.S.T. ???

I hate fish and deer meat.

Oh wait! That’s not a secret. . . . That’s Henry’s lifelong sorrow. . .

Do you have any deep, dark secrets that you want to share???

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