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Dogs Are Funny

Our respite from winter has passed and we are back in the deep freeze.

I’m being a big baby and refusing to leave the house any more than necessary.

When I went out to drive the bus this morning it was -24C.

At these temperatures my bus does not really warm up until it gets to school.

I got home and told Jada there was no way we were going for a walk today.

I felt bad though because with her fur she would go for a walk no matter how cold it got!

To give her something to do I put part of her breakfast into a Kong. I mixed together kibble and peanut butter in a small bowl and then stuffed it into the Kong, blocking the openings with a piece of a milk bone treat.

It’s great fun!

Rather than waste any kibble and peanut butter that wouldn’t fit into the Kong, I put the bowl on the floor for her to lick out.

I heard her happily licking away as the bowl slid around the kitchen floor.

Suddenly she raced to the patio door. I let her out and watched as she threw herself into the snow rubbing her head with her paw.

What in the world? . . .

She rubbed her head furiously in the snow then got up licked the snow she had been rubbing in.


Ohhhh. . .

She had managed to get peanut butter all over her head while licking out the bowl!

I don’t know if she was trying to clean it off or just didn’t want to waste it. . .

Dogs are funny.

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