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Dutch Birthday Calendars

I have very clear memories of my Oma Vandermolen’s bathroom in Chilliwack.

I’m not entirely sure why a bathroom holds such strong memories for me but but two things stood out in my mind. . .

The lilac scented can of air freshener on the toilet tank (I found that unsettling because it meant my Oma acknowledged that sometimes poop was stinky. . .) and the Dutch birthday calendar that hung on the back door of the bathroom.

As a girl who has to read when ever and wherever possible, I appreciated both the pretty picture and the opportunity to catch up on who had a birthday that month.

I thought she was a genius!

After all . . . how many times do you go to the bathroom a day? There would be no excuse when it came to remembering someone’s birthday . . .

Mine for example. . . In honor of my Oma (and my mother-in-law) I decided to put together a Dutch Birthday calendar of my own using some of the photo’s I’ve taken over the past year.

dutch birthday calendar

dutch birthday calendar

If you would like to have one of these calendars on your bathroom door you’re in luck! I will be selling them at my Plant Sale starting this Thursday for $12 each.

Now I’m off to hunt up a hammer and a nail to install one in my bathroom!

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