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Encouragement From Some Readers. . .

I have been having a pity party all weekend and Monday wasn’t looking a whole lot better. Not for any large reasons just. . . dealing with the healing process.

The thing is, although I was told what recovery after surgery would possibly be like and I did all I could to prepare, what I didn’t realize was. . . Deep down all I was really focusing on was whether they would find more cancer and what that would mean. . .

Being told I was cancer free was such a relief. . . and then the reality of recovering set in.

And it turns out that that was a lot scarier than I thought it would be. And I haven’t even had complications set in. Just odd, painful, unexpected things that are part of a normal recovery.

My nurse visited today and told me I was healing very well. . . She thought I would likely even have my stitches and drain removed next week!

Stitches. . . maybe. Drain. . . not for another month according to the surgeon.

So why was I sobbing like a baby in the shower this morning???

The nurse suggested that was a bit like a relief valve, and, I must admit I felt a lot better after my shower and her visit.

I decided to do something productive. All the beautiful flowers I had gotten in the hospital were looking rather tired. Just throwing them out wasn’t an option, so I picked out any flowers that still looked fresh, found them new vases and spread them around the house to brighten as many spaces as possible.

Then Rebecca came by for the afternoon and we crocheted like little old ladies until supper time.

The day just kept getting better. The mailman brought a beautiful handmade card form one of my readers ( my cousin Chris) and she had enclosed a magnet with a very timely poem on it. ( And Chris? No need to feel stalkerish. . .I hardly ever comment either. . . ;D ) And to end the day?

Another lovely reader sent me this poem as encouragement. . .

STEP BY STEP He does not lead me year by year, Nor even day by day; But step by step my path unfolds, My Lord directs my way. Tomorrow’s plans I do not know; I only know this minute. But He will say, “This is the way, By faith now walk ye in it.” And I am glad that it is so, Today’s enough to bear, And when tomorrow comes, His grace Shall far exceed its care. What need to worry then, or fret? The God Who gave His Son Holds all my moments in His hand And gives them one by one. Author unknown Thank you Cecile!! Tomorrow is going to be an even better day.

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