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Fairytale Friday

Updated: May 14, 2020

Two fairies painting apples a rosy red, helping them to ripen in time to harvest.

It’s Fairytale Friday! Time for a story snippet.

It was harvest time in the garden. Everywhere you looked, fairies were busily putting food away for winter. It wasn’t only squirrels who stored nuts in the hollows of trees. Honeydew from honeysuckle blossoms was extracted and placed in barrels made from chestnut shells. Tiny purple crab apples were wrapped in clean leaves and piled gently on shelves in fairy kitchens all over the garden. All the fairy moms were knitting tiny scarves with yarn spun from fur left behind when the castle’s best mouser, a cat named Mittens, groomed herself in the garden. Kalla, whose purple wings sparkled and gleamed in the afternoon sun, flew to the big apple tree, paintbrush in hand. “Come on Amy,” she called to her sister. ” If we don’t hurry and paint these apples red they’ll never ripen in time.” Amy’s blue wings fluttered as she grabbed her brush and winged her way to the tree. Magic trailed from their brushes as they painted one apple after another, giving them all a rosy bloom. By the next morning, the apples would be ripe and sweet. Just perfect for making all kinds of delicious things for the pantry.

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