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Fall nesting

However, large sums of money have been flying out of here as we renovate and update!

Which means money for frivolous decorating is not available.

What could I find in my decorating cupboard or other places around the house?

Here’s what I came up with. . .

This is at the end of my hallway. Last Christmas I filled it with bits of cedar and glass ornaments.

The brown crinkly paper came in a Christmas basket.

It’s a little messy. . .

This is my side entry, which is used most of the time.

I forgot to take before pictures I’m afraid.

The vases came from Morgan’s grad.

The tin in the corner held a mix of tulip bulbs, purchased several years ago.

Here’s is what I found in the cupboard, also from last year and the dollar store.

The pine cones, however were collected on walks with Jada.

As you can see, I still need a few more to fill the vases to the top.

Well, it’s not what I had planned, but. . . you know what?

I still like it.

And it feels like fall.

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