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Fall on the Prairies

It’s well and truly fall here on the prairies.

A prairie fall is gold and brown with small flashes of red. The wind tosses the leaves about and before you know it, the trees are bare, but it’s beautiful while it lasts.

I’m very blessed by my bus route as it takes me out of the big city into a neighbouring town well known for it’s tree lined streets.

Above you see the country road that leads to our school. Driving down it everyday gives me an opportunity to watch the seasons change and allows me to feel a part of God’s natural world.

I don’t do poetic very well I’m afraid, but I do love fall.

Holly had her birthday yesterday and fun was had by all.

Crystal dropped by, and my mom came as well.

Holly requested perogies for her birthday meal and although I wanted to make them myself, I knew that wasn’t going to happen so, I did the next best thing and bought them at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning.

They do take time to make what with the boiling and frying but, we do love them!

Happy 21st Holly!

Oh, and what do you think she did?. . . .

Hmmmm. . . .

I received a lovely gift in the mail late last week.

I was the lucky winner of a give away over at Tollipop.

Now what do you think I won?


A painting!

Aren’t these girls sweet?

Now where shall I put this?

Oh yes, right up here on my plant shelves. The perfect spot.

Thanks Kirsten, for the lovely prize.

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